The Internet: More than a Recruiting Tool

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by: Jim Boesel

For those of us who have taken the time to learn proper internet sourcing, a time will come when this profession will be used for much more than just recruiting.  It's time we start considering other uses for our online sourcing skills and start expanding the uses for our expertise.  True there's a wealth of information out there but it can be worse than looking for a needle in a haystack, if you do not have the proper process. 

Instead of just using the internet for recruiting purposes, we should start thinking outside the box when it comes to Internet sourcing.  Everyone knows there's a wealth of information on the net but very few really know how to source it.

A great example of the use of online information was when my wife doubted her doctor's lack of concern about her medical condition. She immediately started doing her own research online and she eventually correctly diagnosed her own cancer, which turned out to be one of the rarest in the world.  There was an episode on "Frontline" about this.  That was many years ago and she is fine now but without her exhaustive research it's a fact she would have died had she not diagnosed herself.  The point is that the information was out there but the doctor lacked the time and knowhow to properly research her condition. Remember, some of these doctors went to med school many many years ago, and they may not be up to date on the latest and greatest information. That is why their work is called a “practice”.  Imagine what this new form of research capability could do for modern medicine.  Doctor's would still be making the decisions but we would all benefit from being correctly diagnosed.

Another good example of knowing how to properly source the internet was when I inherited a collection of art work a few years ago. I contacted the usual suspects of auction houses to see if there was any interest. They all declined because when searching the Internet they could only find very little about the artist.  They suggested that I donate the artwork to a homeless shelter.  Turns out the reason they could not find anything was because most of the information was in German and they didn't know how to search foreign language websites.  My own research revealed that the artist was actually of some importance and was even a direct student of Renoir.  Had they known how to source the Internet they'd have realized they'd happened upon an undiscovered important collection that actually was documented.

The main problem you will encounter when sourcing the internet is that almost all of the websites that have the information that you are looking for is not optimized for search engine.  The irony is this is no different than the same challenge company's face when trying to find potential employee's on the Internet.  You need someone who is an expert at sourcing through voluminous amounts of poorly organized data to find that needle in a hay stack. This is the very reason why you should enroll for classes with us here at The Sourcing Institue.