Converting a Military job to the Civilian World and more!!

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Converting a Military job to the Civilian World and more!!

So one of the most difficult things to do is convert a military occupational specialty (MOS) or job to a civilian job. It is hard because the MOS’s typically do not carry standard titles, and the verbiage used to describe it is military talk. The problem is without this ability you cannot help a veteran get a job, write a resume or anything. However below is a list of links to sites that can help you do this exact thing.

Now prior to looking up their MOS you should also get their dd214, which is their separation paperwork and will have training and education they have received on it, also get their ACE Transcript or verification of military experience and training which will tell you even more about their education, training etc and also get their DA form 2-1 which will have even more information about their training, assignments, and education.

Remember that in the military soldiers get a primary job and also secondary jobs and sometimes these secondary jobs are better than the primary and can open up the doors to better civilian jobs.

If you get all this it will be very easy to see what they did, how it translates to the civilian work force and makes it much easier to help them get employment.