5 Tech Tips to Improve Your Ability to Recruit

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by: Jim Boesel

Most recruiters tend to be techno-phobic, unfortunately much of our communication today is done via the internet. In a profession where you are judged in large part by your ability to communicate, the question is “How are you really cultivating your internet skills?” 


Most “old school” recruiters are still using an obsolete browser that they got used to using back in the days and have never upgraded.  They have no idea that by staying in the dark ages, their ability to communicate with prospects is directly affected. That is why we should familiarize ourselves with technological advances in our field.


TIP #1 – Clean up your E-mail signature.


I once had emails from a major staffing firm’s recruiter end up in my SPAM folder because they never considered how having .GIF file logos in his email signature will get the email flagged as SPAM.  I was not able to receive the offer letter from them because of this. Other examples of horrific email signatures include using font and format styles that make your prospective recruits go cross eyed. Use a visually pleasant font, NO Wingdings!


TIP #2 – Spell out Your Words.


There are some “newer school” recruiters who have adapted to the 21st century, but there is nothing more infuriating to read than that awful cryptic abbreviated writing style from hand held devices. Use “you” and not “u”. Remember, you are a professional.


TIP #3 – Save Time. Automate Leads.


There are new technologies becoming available for us every day. Let’s improve our abilities to utilize all that information on the Internet. One way I do this is by automating my leads. Do you know how to create a search agent online so that you are automatically notified of important information?  You should. When I used to source the big four accounting firms, I created search agents for each of their press releases to tip me off if one of them would lose a major client.  By tracking which accounting candidates worked on which projects I was automatically notified when one of them suddenly lost their assignment, which is the best time to recruit them.  Once I set it up I didn't have to do a thing to stay informed and what a great capability to have!


TIP #4 – Learn Something New.


I set aside time out of my day every day to look into new time saving tricks and streamlining ideas from websites like Lifehacker.com and news.sourcingkb.com to name a couple. The few minutes it takes me to read and learn something new is so valuable because it saves me hours upon hours in the long run. 


TIP #5 – Team Work.


You can also learn from your colleagues in your office. Make it a point in your office for each person to come up with new capabilities just like you set aside time for making sourcing calls.  In the long run the time you'll save by using technology to become more productive. Not only will this save you time, it also makes you more money! 


Change is hard and scary, however, you need to commit to broadening your horizons or you'll be left in the dust.  I always see these amazed faces at sourcing seminars when I teach them about these really cool and innovative ideas we find, but how often do you go to sourcing seminars, conferences or events?  How can you possibly not commit yourself to improving your ability to do your job?


Hey, it's only your career...