The 3 leadership styles all successful leaders use!!

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The 3 leadership styles all successful leaders use!!

All successful leaders, from Eisenhower to Patton, all understood the three primary leadership styles. They all knew how to use them, and when to use them.

The three primary leadership style are; participative, delegative and authoritarian.

  • Participative - is where you allow your subordinates to have a say in what happens. This works well, in promoting a sense of team, and helping give confidence in your employees that you value their opinion. Of course while you do ask for their input, you reserve the right of final decision for yourself.
  • Delegative - is where you delegate or put someone else in charge of a particular project or task. This instills confidence in that employee, and allows them to learn how to be a leader themselves.
  • Authoritarian - this is the simplest. You make the decisions, it's your way or the high way end of discussion.

There are allot of leaders who tend to fit into and follow one of the styles above. Now for the big revelation, a good leader uses all three approaches, depending on the situation. A successful leader does it all.

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